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End of the Rainbow Alternatives is a herbal supplements shop and supplier of natural ingredients and products in Farmington, Maine. We believe in the healing power of nature's bounty and can teach you about holistic living. Our shop has been serving the Farmington community since 1970's, and in that time we've helped countless people alleviate their ailments.

Browse a wide selection of natural health care products

End of the Rainbow Alternatives is more than just your average supplement shop! We sell a range of products designed to vitalize your mind, body and soul. Visit us to find:

  • CBD products, such as CBD oil and topical creams
  • Essential oils, which can be diffused, sprayed or consumed orally
  • DIY ingredients for skin care, such as beeswax and glycerin
  • Herbal supplements, to give you your daily dose of vitamins and minerals

Want to learn more about our natural products? Call 207-778-2884 today to speak with a representative of our health food store in Farmington, Maine.

Visit End of the Rainbow to feel beautiful inside and out

End of the Rainbow is home to hair, skin and makeup technician Theresa Dame. She can consult with you to chose a skincare regimen for your skin type. Healthy, vibrant skin and hair is essential to your overall health. Stop by and see what services are available with Theresa.

We also offer massage services that will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. Our resident masseuse, Sandra Webber, has been practicing massage and reflexology for nearly 30 years. She's an LMT graduate of the Downeast School of Massage. Book an appointment with Sandra to feel completely rejuvenated. Then, visit our shop to find health products so you can practice self-care at home.

Visit End of the Rainbow Alternatives, an herbal supplement shop in Farmington, Maine, today.

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