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There is an endless number of ways to use dried herbs...such as herbal teas, skin care products, cooking.

Some thoughts and ideas you might like to try:

Dandelion has been used in herbal medicine for 1000s of years. It helps with digestion and is a liver detoxifying herb. It is often mixed with lemon and ginger in a tonic.

Hibiscus contains many vitamins and minerals and show to help high blood pressure and has shown to help with blood glucose levels. Its vitamin C content helps the immune system.

Jasmine, used in ancient Eastern cultures, is great in tea blends, soaps, shampoo. It helps irritated skin and also alleviates stress.

Lavender is used in salves, lotions, baking ,beverages. Combine this with chamomile and use topically or internally to calm nerves. Combined with calendula, the two are a powerhouse for healing the skin. As a member of the mint family, combined with peppermint, it is cooling and soothing.

Spearmint is great because it is ant bacterial and anti inflammatory. .It has shown to helped with nausea.

Yarrow is an herb that makes a great facial toner...it soothes inflamed skin or irritation from insect bites.