Essential Oils Farmington, ME Franklin County, ME

Experience the Benefits of Essential Oils

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Lavender relieves stress. Peppermint keeps you focused and alert. Rosemary improves circulation. Experience the benefits of using essential oils for yourself by visiting End of the Rainbow Alternatives.

There are various ways of using essential oils including:

  • Diffusers, which disperse the oils in the air
  • Spritzers, which you can apply like perfume
  • Roll-ons, which apply product directly to the skin
  • Inhalers, which allow you to use essential oils on the go

If you're not sure which application method is best for you, just ask one of our helpful representatives. We'll help you decide on the essential oils that are best for you, and show you how to get the most from them.

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Learn more about essential oils by signing up for a class

Do you want to start utilizing essential oils but don't know where to start? Sign up for a class through End of the Rainbow Alternatives. We'll teach you about the importance of essential oils and show you the best ways to use them. Whether you decide on an inhaler or an essential oil diffuser, you'll find the right products. Call us today to sign up for a class, 207-778-2884.

Essential Oils Farmington, ME Franklin County, ME